The difference between art originals and prints and how this affects the price

Original art work is a one off piece. This could be a variety of mediums eg paintings or sculptures, simple line drawings or complex designs – the main point to keep in mind is that there is the only one of its kind. The artist may produce similar works but usually not an exact replica of the original.

Prints are simply printed versions of an art work or photograph. However, they can be reproduced in two different types of edition: 

  1. ‘Limited Edition Prints’ can be printed to produce a set number of prints for sale (eg 10, 100, 500) and there can be no more prints made of the same image, hence the print is limited. The print will have a number on it eg 1/500, 43/100 or 10/10 to identify at what point it was produced in the limited print run.
  2. The other type of print is known as an’ Open Edition Print’ and these are in no way restricted by quantity so the artist or publisher can endlessly reproduce this image. These prints will not have an identifying number.

With regard to pricing the general structure is that the more unique the work the higher the price it will command. So it follows that an original artwork will always have the highest cost, followed by Limited Edition Prints and then the lowest cost would be an Open Edition Print.

If you are thinking about buying a high street print of an image, you might want to take into consideration the fact that lots of people will have the exact same print on their walls although if you are looking to change your artwork every season then that’s probably a cost effective choice.

But if you are looking for a work of art that only a few people will ever own then a Limited Edition Print is the way to go.

However, if you want to find a work of art that is truly rare and no one else in the whole world will have on their wall, then you will need to dig deeper and buy yourself a fabulous original!

Welcome to the new art trends for 2018

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy and successful new year!  Now that all the festivities are complete and daily life is settling back into a rhythm, it’s the traditional time to be thinking about your goals and aspirations for the year ahead. Perhaps you are planning to try new experiences this year, or book a much needed holiday. Or are you looking around your living space and wondering how to turn it into the home you really want? One way to achieve this new look and atmosphere is to use pictures, paintings and photography.

Art trends for 2018

  • Large statement paintings are in – one large art work to take pride of place on the wall.  A real talking point that can’t be missed and an investment piece that you could own for life!
  • Ultra violet is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 and Dulux have favoured Heart Wood . Watch out for all purple hues appearing from lilac to deep, rich, dark plums….
  • Keeping with this theme all brave bold colours are making an impact on interior design, bringing vibrancy and energy into our lives. These rainbow colours are likely to show up in a wide variety of places, from painterly bedspreads to geometric patterned wallpapers.
  • Soft greens and greys are still trending following on from 2017, these have become the alternative neutrals in place of creams and whites and make a perfect foil for your statement art.
  • Monochrome photography looks set to gain in popularity and the black and white theme extends to framed line drawings which can bring a simple elegance to the room.
  • Metallics are becoming a little softer, with brass gaining in popularity – this can be carried across into art – metallics might be in the work itself or in the frame. If you are creatively inclined,  a new look could be easily achieved by updating any picture frames you already own with a new coat of paint.

Any of the current art trends would be a perfect contrast to the latest deep blues and purples being seen in designer kitchens right now. The nature of trends of course is that they come and go, so however you choose to decorate your home be sure to surround yourself with art and design that you love and enjoy!

Beginners Art Workshop 2018

Fancy turning your hand to creating your own work of art?  Creative Art Workshops in North Herts / South Cambs area starting 2018  for beginners to make their own original painting. No previous experience necessary and all materials supplied! Come and join me – simply book your place using the contact form.

What does art mean to you?

Take a look around your home at the artwork you have hanging on your walls… how does it make you feel? Does it remind you of a particularly fond memory or inspire you in some way? Maybe the art you are looking at every day has lost it’s meaning for you, or maybe you never connected with it at all, or perhaps you don’t yet own any artworks … if that is the case then it’s time to acquire some fresh new art to bring hope and joy back into your home.

Art has long been used for storytelling and this can be a lovely way to remind you of people and places in your life. But it can also be a way to enrich your surroundings and motivate you. Look for art that you love, art that takes you away from your worries, art that allows you to think or relax with your own thoughts or energises you to reach for your dreams. It has been proven that people who live and work in enriched spaces are significantly more productive and enjoy better overall health – don’t you deserve an amazing painting in your life?

Furniture painting workshops in 2018

Work in progress: this chest of drawers is almost finished and will be listed for sale when it is complete.

Have you got a small item of furniture, that you have been meaning to makeover but you’re not sure where to start? Well now is your chance to find out!  Workshops start early 2018 in North Herts /South Cambs area and all you need to do is bring along your small item of furniture and your ideas. Come and join us- use the contact form to register your interest.

Create a beautiful new look in your home

Paintings can bring a whole new dimension to your home.  I have many works of art including abstracts,  photo-realism and photos on display at home. (I also love glass and have some rather beautiful glass vases – but that’s another story.)  Images can really make a room look fresh and appealing and are much simpler to change than the wallpaper or paint on your walls. Works of art can be swapped around with the seasons in the same way you might change your cushions, throws or curtains for spring or autumn. How lovely to come home to a beautiful new look created with such ease!  But art does more than this…  it tells a story of who you are, what matters to you and what motivates you.  Every single artwork in my home has sparked an interesting conversation with visitors at some point and  every artwork plays a part in making my house a home.  If you have works of art and photographs that you love, put them out on display, move them around and create your own unique blend of home comfort –  full of fond memories, new ideas and joyful vibrancy.

What height to hang your painting

At what height should paintings hang? It depends on the size of the painting and the dimensions of your room. If the work is fairly small  and intended for close up viewing then it should be placed so that the painting is level with the line of sight from where it will be viewed the most.  Some art lovers recommend the work should be 57 inches from the floor, because this will meet the sightline of the average person. Well, what is average, I hear you ask? Maybe that is good advice in a commercial or public setting but when in the comfort of your own home I suggest you hang it to meet your own sightline as you will be the one looking at it!  If you are creating a gallery wall with lots of smaller pictures grouped together then place the middle of the group at your sightline  With larger paintings, they will need to be placed so that you can easily view the whole image from further back  in order to take in the whole image but also where they fit visually into the design of the room.

What size painting should I buy?

 If you have a certain space in mind where you would like to hang a picture then start by measuring the space and working out the absolute maximum you like that could actually fit.  If you are looking to make a big impact then you will want a large work and could even choose to fill the space entirely (be sure to double check your measurements before you buy anything). A small artwork in a large wall space will be rather lost but you could try grouping together two, three or more pieces in a visually pleasing arrangement. If the space you wish to fill is fairly restricted then one small well chosen artwork will draw the viewer in and can look amazing!

Prices of original art

The cost of art varies hugely and there are a plethora of reasons for the wide variety of prices when buying art. These factors can include the level of training and technical skill of the artist,  their artistic experience and competence alongside the size and format of the work and the quality of paints and materials used.  For original works, some artists charge per square cm/inch and some by the amount of time taken to create it plus cost of materials.  Lots of other costs must be factored into the pricing structure –  time spent on drafts,  sketches,  administrative work,  delivery and packing, practical tasks,  updating websites,  fulfilling customer enquiries and completing orders,  cleaning studios and equipment,  sourcing and ordering paints, canvases plus all manner of other materials and resources (sadly they don’t arrive without being picked and paid for!) , not to mention the research and development time that goes into a professional artistic practice.  So when you next stop to enjoy a work of art, remember there could be a lot more to it than meets the eye…

Understanding a painting

A good work of art will reveal itself over time. .. let me explain:

Consider other creative art forms such as films or books and the way that you might choose to watch or read them over and over again.  Inevitably, you will notice something new or pick up a thread of narrative  that you previously missed.  Each time you revisit the piece you enhance your understanding and come to love it even more.  Good visual art should do the same. If you are drawn to a painting and every time you come back to it you continue to enjoy it and find something new about it,  then it’s likely you have found a work that speaks to you,  revealing the whole story over time.  If you find paintings that you wish to return to for another look,  you should seriously consider hanging these on your walls, for they are likely to bring you pleasure for years to come.